Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A new year

A new year, as man counts time - not sure it makes much difference to God, especially all the fuss that is made, plus the plethora of "New Year's resolutions." It would seem that the important thing is our commitment, our walk in Christ - the rest is, to me, for the world.
Yesterday is past - gone forever, buried (so to speak) in God. Tomorrow is not yet here - and in one sense, it never really comes, since as soon as it does arrive, it is today. And today is the only day, time, that truly matters - it is all we have, it is where we live. How I thank Father for today, and for the knowledge of His unconditional love for ALL His creation, and for the blessed awareness of His presence...always, no matter where I am.
Not "happy new year," but, "happy new day in Him."