Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A parable

I recently read a "parable" about pain in the thigh and leg - the pain that comes when the sciatia nerve is pinched (very uncomfortable - rather like a bad toothache in the legs). What was interesting was that, so say the Hebrews, it was this nerve that God touched on Jacob, that made him lame; from that time on, he had to "lean on his staff."
The point of the writing was that the Lord makes lame His sons in order to have them become overcomers...and we cannot overcome if we are leaning on our own strength. The natural power must be broken, made lame, so that we lean upon HIS power, HIS strength, with every step we take.
Jacob was emptied, made lame, at the ford of Jabbock, which means "to pour out, to empty."
And so, the Lord lames us in order that we be emptied of our own strength, and lean upon Him with EVERY step we take. HE is our "Staff", so to speak.
Yes, even pain has a message, a "parable", to open our understanding of the Lord's working in our lives.