Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Words - the wonder of words...

Some while back, I wrote in my journal about words. When I came across the entry recently, thought it something I would like to share:
Words. Yes, Abba Father, I do enjoy words: what they mean, how to use them in speaking and writing. As I was pondering about that just now, it occurred to me that the reason I like words and feel they are important is because - YOU used words; YOU spoke them forth, and all was created...and Jesus is called the Word of God.
Yes, words ARE important, and words are meaningful...and words are special. I know that they can be used to deceive, to destroy, but...they are significant, and powerful for good, as well, for they relate to You.
Also, " Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." The Greek word for treasure is "thesaurus" - and a thesaurus is a book of synonyms - words. Jesus is THE Word, and we are all variations (synonyms) of that Word.
Wow, what a thought.

A couple of words that have meanings that are interesting:
...The Greek for "religion" is - dread-speak. Surely it is!
...Amen. The root of "amen", "It is done, finished," is "trust". So when we say the word, Amen, we are saying, "It is done; trust Me."