Sunday, April 15, 2007


It would seem that the blog I had before (it is out there somewhere) has experienced some "plastic surgery" - without a by-your-leave, I am now with google's blog system. Is it more exotic, with more options? Of course. Was I completely satisfied with the earlier, "archaic" arrangement? Oh yes. However, the Lord opens opportunities for me to adjust to change - and guess that if I want to include some of what is over in that "other blog", can have people go there still (yes, it DOES exist) and read what I wrote...and then, if interested, they can come here. Maybe it will work that way. Who knows.
Anyway, I had planned a short and sweet, and wonderfully delightful, one-liner on the other blog, but...shall simply include it here: "Jesus Christ is God's kiss on the nose of the world!" Now isn't that something to make you smile, and rejoice?!!!

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