Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our assurance in Christ...

As I was reading through some files, I came across ths quote (by a man, Jim Minker, who has a wonderful site, The Shovel...interesting, provocative, and devoted to the truth...the Truth, Christ Jesus, our Lord). Yes, there will be those who say it is wrong, deluding, etc. Perhaps the deception lies in the other direction, to those who refuse to believe what Jesus says, what scripture says, because it does not agree with presently held doctrine (and we all remember what Jesus said about the "doctrines of man"). No matter - I lay it out for others to read, to ponder, and (most important of all) ask the Holy Spirit what is the truth of the matter:
If being "in Christ" was merely a position or a belief held to then losing it would make all the sense in the world. However, being in union with Christ is exactly that: joined to God through Christ. It is the "I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me" ... rather than an agreed upon idea based upon the principle of Christ.
Don't you find it rather odd that we have to search the scriptures to find those random verses that SEEM to be calling the whole miracle of Christ into question? On the other hand, isn't it also odd that we think we have to search the scriptures to find those verses that give us an assurance of our "eternal security"? Perhaps all such searching is what we have learned according to the wisdom of the world, and not from Christ. :)

Until the next time...let us all rejoice and give thanks to Him who is our Lord, and in whom we live, and move, and have our being...

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