Monday, April 13, 2009

Alleluia, Christ has risen!

Yesterday, April 12, was the day that was chosen (by whom?) to be the day, in this year of 2009, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The cry goes out, "Alleluia, Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!"
As a matter of fact, He HAS risen, for which I give thanks and much praise.
As a joyous message, I sent that word (along with a beautiful picture, which I cannot add here) to many dear ones, along with the thought, "What more is there to say?" A friend (Eulene Moores - surely one who has the mind of Christ and is used by Him in so many ways) sent me a reminder that there IS more to say, and I have since appended it to my email: "He has raised us up (also), and made us sit together (in / with) Him in the Heavenlies in Christ Jesus....."
What an important word! YES, that is what makes His resurrection so wonderful, meaningful, joyous, and glorious to each one of us. In Him, WE have been raised up with/in Christ, and He has made us to sit with Him in the heavenly realm. Today! Not in some future "heaven", but NOW.
So I thank my dear friend for those words, words which lift us up, and resonate in our spirit!
I do love Jesus Christ! Amen.

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