Saturday, April 20, 2013

Faith trusts God

FAITH TAKES GOD AT HIS WORD! Unbelief takes God's word and messes it up to suit itself, as the Adversary did. He QUESTIONS God's word, "Has God said?" Ah, "...take heed WHAT you hear." The method of destruction: the Adversary, to Eve: QUESTIONS God's Word, and then DENIES God's Word, and then AFFIRMS A FALSE GOD in place of God's Word. NOTHING NEW has been done since that time. What happened? She LISTENED to one who ALTERED the Word of God to suit his purpose. Then she mangled, and garbled, and ADDED to that Word herself. BE CAREFUL AND TAKE HEED WHAT YOU HEAR! (2 Cor. 11:3; Col. 2:8) Therefore, let us take heed what we hear, WHOEVER BE THE SPEAKER. Let us beware of what, in ANY teaching: OMITS a part (especially a gracious part) of God's Word ENCRUSTS it with TRADITION WARPS AND TWISTS it, changing a certainty to a contingency. (Ps.55:21-22) FOR What is missing is sure to be important truth What is added is sure to be obscure What is twisted is sure to produce deformity ....ALL stems from the original tactics of negative, positive, and substitutionary errors. My approval or disapproval is NOT the test of the truth, or otherwise, of what I hear - I must have KNOWLEDGE OF THE SCRIPTURE, so that I can check everything by what God says. Only then can I discern both good and evil. Heb. 5:14 THEREFORE, "If any man have an ear, let him HEAR, LISTEN, AND TAKE HEED WHAT he hears."

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