Saturday, December 8, 2007

AH - At Home

What a delightful and touching discovery...
AH...not a sigh of relief, but an acronym for "At Home".
Home is where the heart is.
Home is a place of welcoming love, non-judgmental acceptance, kisses, and hospitality - elements that produnce a profound sense of belonging.
Such is not always the case in our own homes - for some, home is exactly the opposite of this description. Sad...but we rejoice that, in Christ, this description almost fits (I say almost, because in Him, the "home" is even better. Wonderfully better).
"Make your in Me, and I make Mine in you..." John 15:4
"If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word [and His word is not difficult]. My Father will love him [PTL, He surely does!!], and We shall come to him, and make Our home with him."
Now isn't that joyous "glad tidings"!

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Mercy said...

Alas, I thought I had edited this carefully, but typed "produnce" rather than "produce"...and while once there was opportunity to edit, that seems to be missing. Trust all will know what I meant.