Sunday, December 9, 2007


In an old Union Life magazine, I came across another way of looking at "Ahhhh...", by a Bruce Willis...
"In the early days of the charismatic, house-churches, we sang a song that used the word, "Ah!":
Ah! Lord God. Ah! Lord God,
Behold, You have made heaven and earth
By Your great power and outstretched arm.
There is nothing too hard for You,
There is nothing too hard for You.
Whatever happened to the Ah!...
When a botanist looks at a flower, he describes its many parts: petals, stem, stamen, etc., often using Latin words which confuse the amateur.
When an ornithologist studies a bird, he does a similar thing, thus blinding the uninitiated with science. When a theologian ponders the nature of God, he, too, uses technical jargon, outdoing the botanist by employing both Greek and Latin!
When a child, or the childlike, sees a flower, a bird...sees God, what is his response? Often it just cannot be expressed in eloquent words. So the ultimate "word" comes naturally into play..."Ah!" Or could it be "Oh!", or "Oooh!"
Once we lose our sense of speechless awe and wonderment at God and the things of God, we rapidly descend into the institutionalized habit of having to explain everything, thus paradoxically making it more obscure, deadly!
Lord, help us to avoid this malady, and never tire of expressing, "Ah!...Lord God!"
How true it is. But have found something even sadder - using today's slang to describe the wonders of Father's creation. There was someone who, upon returning from Grand Canyon, said, "It was really neat!" Neat? Not stupendous, or glorious, or awesome, or magnificent, or...the countless other adjectives that we use to try and put into words the wonder of that place...No. simply, "Neat!"
Alas, alas...

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