Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our view of God...

It is interesting, when people come together, and you hear how they view God. For those who see Him as God Almighty, ever faithful and true to His words (Jesus is the Saviour of ALL men; Jesus came to take away the sin of the world; He is not willing that any should perish, and more), it rejoices my heart. When there are those who say, instead, that He desires that all will be saved, if only they will choose Him as Saviour (otherwise they are doomed to eternal torment), making Him out a liar, I am saddened. I do not argue, for it is not up to me to try and convince anyone. He revealed the glories of His plan of the ages, by His Spirit, and it is the only way we come to know anything. As He has said to me, "What do you have/know that was not given to you?" The answer, nothing. Absolutely nothing. In fact, I know Him as Lord and Saviour because HE drew me; being dead in trespasses and sins, I wouldn't, couldn't, make any such "decisions for Christ." (Sorry, Billy Graham, but that is not scriptural.) Enough for now. PTL for the freedom, in a blog, to be able to speak/write what is in my heart, resonating in my spirit. And PTL for the Father's love for ALL His creation. Yes, all shall come...each in his own order. Hallelujah!


Mike said...

"I know Him as Lord and Saviour because HE drew me..." I was thinking about that verse again today. He said He would draw ALL men to Himself, did He not?

What a comfort that is!

Mercy said...

Dear Mike,
PTL and isn't it a joy to know exactly what He said - ALL men...and the word "draw" is from the same root as "drag". Yes, He will have HIS way - and there is no man that can stop Him.
What amazes, and sorrows, me is the response of anger or unbelief, rather than shouts of joy, when some hear that GOOD news!
Thank you!!!

bruced said...
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bruced said...
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bruced said...

Dang, first I made a mistake, then I made a correction, then I decided to just delete them both and post what I wanted in the first place! ;-)


Good thoughts, and I agree completely... but Jesus never said he would draw all MEN to himself. He said he would draw ALL to himself (our friends at the King James bible translation academy added the work "men" because they thought it made sense). And looking at the previous verse, I have to summize that he was talking about "judgement".

And, if I be lifted up I will draw all (judgement) to myself.

Changes things, huh?

bruced said...

Anybody home?