Sunday, December 2, 2007


Interesting is the term I used to describe something I read today in a Letter to the Editor. It went as follows:
"We are coming into a new season. The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (sic). To some, Lord and Saviour, sent by God to save ALL (emphasis mind) from our fallen state. This free gift is for you and for me. Let us remember: Jesus is the reason for the season.
Saw this on a bulletin board this morning, and it got my attention. Author unknown.
Suppose I live my life for God, and believe in heaven and hell.
Suppose you live your life apart from God and do not consider heaven and hell.
Suppose we both die.
Suppose you were correct, and there is no heaen or hell. What have I lost?
Suppose I was correct, and there is a God, and heaven and hell. What have you lost?"
What struck me as interesting is his first statement that Jesus was sent to be the Saviour of all - but somehow the all is overlooked in the following list of "Suppose..." (not his words, but, apparently, he agreed with them).
I rejoice that Jesus Christ is indeed the Saviour of ALL!! Not a "wannabe" Saviour; not a "Gee, I wish I could have saved all" kind of Saviour, but, glory to God, SAVIOUR OF ALL!!!
"As in Adam all are dying, even so in Christ are all being made alive, each in his own order" Not all at once, but in His timing and in His way.
Once I asked Father why it was that all His own people, anyway, did not see His glorious plan of the ages - and even became angry when such a possibility was mentioned. His response was a question to me: "What do you have that was not revealed to you?" Ah, yes - any truth I have has been the gift of Him, by the Spirit of revelation.
And HIS time, in HIS way, according to HIS plan, all shall be known. Amen.


Mike said...

Mercy, thanks for some excellent posts. Glad to find your blog!

Mike Ogden

Kevin Beck said...

That's right. Savior of all. Not just all who agree with me. Thanks God.